From idea, prototype, to product, MicroDysis integrates creativity and technical know-how to create breakthrough products and custom equipment through innovative design, engineering and fabrication.
MicroDysis specializes in instrumentation and prototype development for biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental applications. MicroDysis is not only commercializing its own products for biomedical analysis, but also provides research and development solutions in fluidic and microfluidic devices and equipments for other companies and US government.
Our dedication, combined with 50 years of experience,  a passion for development, and fully integrated teams of engineers, scientists and technicians, has delivered distinguished and innovative products, and enabled our clients to achieve their market leader status.
MicroDysis' success is based on:
Passion for creation and development
Flexible and staged development approach
in-house capability
Specialist expertise and knowledge 
Consultative approach based on partnership
Leveraging our experience of past 50 year R&D